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Want to grow? Don’t just wing it!

BRIGHT IDEAS from Finn & company

  • Almost everyone likes to talk about the housing market and what it’s doing. So chat it up! Talk to every single person you know about real estate. Ask them their opinions. Ask them about their neighborhood, and whether they’ve thought about moving. From hairdressers, teachers and PTO friends to golf buddies, people from church, and parents from whatever local youth sports team you’re involved with, there are potential clients all around you.
  • Get to know social media and make it part of your toolbox! It really is the single biggest game changer. Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and a handful of other sites can serve as an instant connection to those you aren’t always in touch with face-to-face. A successful agent is always dropping real estate info to make sure everyone knows they’re in the business. The critical thing to remember? No one wants to be "referred". Why? Because it feels cold and detached. So think about your terminology: “How can I help?” “I know the market, do you want someone in your corner?” “Are you getting the support you need?” 
  • Keep your ears open in casual conversations. Is someone talking about a career change? It could involve a move, and not all companies offer relocation packages. Are children heading to college? Parents may be thinking about investment properties on or off campus — or about their own housing and whether downsizing is a possibility. Is someone frustrated that their home hasn’t sold? Ask if they’d like a second set of eyes to check it out.
  • Be prepared. Before you head into any listing appointment, be sure you know WHY your client is moving and WHERE. The Where will tell you if there if an opportunity to link them with an agent for their home purchase in a location that is a significant distance away.  It’s also good business to ask if there is a second home (a “shore house” or mountain home) that will need to be sold if the client is moving far away.
  • Direct marketing and farming. Do you do it? Do you do it well? If you farm the neighborhood you live in, what else do you say? “Are you selling?” “I sold this house!” “How about you…do you need help here or anywhere?”  So many potential clients turn to online sites — sites that offer virtually no personal connection and little idea of just how experienced (or unexperienced) an agent is.
  • Talking is not just talking anymore. Face-to-face conversations take on more weight when most daily interactions are electronic. Talking forms a real bond. It lets you bring your personality and appearance into play. It gives you an opportunity to communicate so much that a tiny listing on a phone can’t. YOU truly are your own best advertisement…so put some more time and thought into farming. The seeds you plant are sure to grow your business!