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Agent Link

A mutually beneficial relationship.

Agent Link is at your service!

Giving Agent Link the green light to manage your referral is about more than fees or penalties. Agent link handles everything that is needed when a referral is given to someone — services that save you time (and as we know in this business, time is money).

When you select CB Hearthside and Agent Link to manage your referral, you’ll make more money in the long run AND we guarantee you will get paid. How?

Because rather than spending hours upon hours looking for qualified agents and hand-holding, you can be doing your job — making calls, showing homes, and negotiating inspection issues — instead of stopping what you’re doing to scour the web for data. .You are the expert in your market area, we are the expert outside your market area.

At Agent Link, there are 2 important things we’re good at, one is research … And we really stress the “search” part! When doing the legwork to find the best brokers, we seek the top performers — and brokerage companies that will be held accountable for their performance.

The second is relationships. We (Finn & Mandy actually) have built relationships with many brokers across the country. They know who to call, they know who is responsive, they remember the important details and little nuances that different brokerage firms have.

Here’s how OGRs work with Agent Link:

  • Send an OGR to another market area or state to help increase your “Points of Light” !
    You can refer buyers OR sellers to agents in other states.
  • Refer an agent to an Agent Link agent
    Send buyers or sellers to agents in another top performing brokerage company in your own backyard or across the country.
  • For instance: If you list someone’s home and they want to move to Orlando, you could send an OGR to a top broker in an Orlando office.
  • Maybe you know someone who has had their home listed for a little too long and they are not happy with their current agent. Why not get a second opinion?

A partnership with us means freedom to move on and generate new business!


What time-saving services does Agent Link provide?

  1. We do research to identify top brokers in the area for both Buyers and Sellers
  2. For Sellers, increase the odds of closing by seeking to place referral with more than one agent
  3. Secure referral agreement paperwork
  4. Seek updates and accountability from the assigned agent
  5. Escalate service issues — if customer is not pleased with their destination agent, regardless of agency agreements, a new agent will be assigned
  6. Seek customer Alta statement and payment is guaranteed!

By going through Agent Link, you’re able to re-focus on new business — to get back out there and grab what’s next while ensuring an unsurpassed level of service is delivered to your clients.

The best part? We will also help build your business by giving YOU a referral once you close OGR’s with us. We will even send a thank you and small gift to the receiving broker FROM YOU!

Going it alone is an option, but it’s not the brightest one.
Make the CB Hearthside/Agent Link connection today!

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