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Agent Link

Collateral that attracts.

Agent Link is more than a website.
It’s a resource.
And it’s real, behind-the-scenes people…working to help you help yourself.

We know real estate. And like you, we know it’s not often that business falls right into your lap.
There are unlimited ways to network — and sometimes, finding additional business/prospects/professional connections means trying something new.

That’s why Agent Link is offering you these helpful new marketing materials which are ready-to-send and will keep you front-of-mind with your target audience.

It’s our goal to keep these materials fresh. That’s why there’s one for each season and also a generic option. And remember — when you have a closing we will send a Thank You on your behalf to the agent you worked with along with a small gift card!

Social Media Marketing
Simply download the following JPEG versions of the cards below to post on all of your social media sites.

Generic Finn Card
Finn Summer E-Card
Fall E-card
Fall E-card
Spring E-card
Finn Thank You card

Email Marketing

The JPEGs can also be used for email marketing campaigns. If you are currently using an online company such as; Coldwell Banker's eMarketing program, Mail Chimp or Constant Contact for email marketing campaigns that allows custom images to be uploaded, simply upload the images above.

If you are not currently doing email marketing campaigns and would like to begin doing email marketing campaigns for the AgentLink program, please contact our BlueEdge Marketing Team at and they would happy to help set up your marketing campaign.